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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Day in the Life

Today I am in need of an easy button.
I don't do well with messes.
Those reading this here blog post know this about me.
Messes tend to make me feel anxious.
So today as I look around me I am feeling overwhelmed to say the least.

This is at the foot of the stairwell inside our front entry looking into the playroom.
The kids made a "train" which is not to be moved or altered by anyone.
So all afternoon I have been stepping over said train making my hundred trips up and down the stairs with laundry, etc.
Gym membership - who needs one?!
I have a built in stair master.

This shot is directly inside the playroom doors.
Please take note of Dawson's clothing on the floor.
He is in the stage where they land wherever he chooses to take them off.

This my friends is the kitchen island covered in 3 separate piles.
Pile one - clothing to be tagged for the upcoming kids consignment sale (um, I bit off more than I can chew on this one - it has consumed me hence the MESSY house)
Pile two - clean clothes to be put away
Pile three - clothing requiring stain removal and then washing
That there crock pot in the back ground is providing an aweful pleasant aroma which is one good thing I have going for me today - roast with the fixings!

This is what has become of my dryer - a catch all.
Coats, purse, return items, coupons for my next trip out, my nasty cleaning cloth (sorry about that one!) I clear it off only to have it look like this again within a day or two.

And this, well ... doesn't every one's kids find it more fun to have EVERY blanket and pillow known to man kind spread across the family room? They fondly refer to it as snow and spend an endless amount of time using their imaginations coming up with ways to entertain themselves.
The pooch on the couch is living the good life. She is snug, resting her weary eyes & not having a worry in the world. Ah, to be in her place right now :)
All this to say I really am feeling blessed beyond measure today. My kids are content, my house may be a wreck, but it is beautiful in my eyes. Some days I take for granted the fact that I am allowed to stay home with my two mess making monsters. It is days like today that I throw my hands up and say "does it (the mess) really matter?" There is always tomorrow to pick it up.
For today we shall play!


Kendall's Corner said...

How brave of you to post pictures of your messy house!!! I like to think if I don't actually acknowledge the mess then no one else will notice, and I won't have to clean it up.

Audra said...

Thanks for the peak into your daily life. It looks like one filled with lots of creativity and fun with your two adorable children.
Hope all is well with you all!

Mo said...

Since I've been invited to look at the blog it does not automatically pop up on my homepage anymore so I haven't checked in a couple months. I had a lot of cathcing up to do. Tell Gabi she was very brave to get her ears pierced. You maybe already did, but can you send another invite to my parents so they'll check the blog. They're missing out on the fun!

mema said...

I always remember when Pearl A told me she was born with her bladder behind her eyeballs. I have learned that I was too. Your last two blogs have made me cry. I cannot tell you enough what a good mom and dad I think you and Travis are. Parenting is not an easy job. And, I want to say that I am so glad that you take each day leaning on our Lord. Love you, MOM p.s. I hadn't read for several weeks so I have no idea when you wrote these.