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Friday, March 19, 2010

Wacky Wednesday

Playing a little blog catch up ...
Wednesday the 3rd was declared Wacky Wednesday at Gabi's preschool. Anything went.
Gabrielle had fun mixing up her clothing and accessories but what she really wanted attention focused on was having her hair WACKY! She picked out striped leggings with mismatched knee socks pulled up in tall fashion, mismatched rain shoes - one boot & one critter shoe, a long sleeved purple tee with a bright multi colored tank layered over it with multiple lei necklaces. I parted her hair and put several knotted pony tails down the center section then pulled the sides into pony tails which I connected at the back into one large pony. Her look was polished off with lipstick and eye liner funny art on her face. She loved it!! I nearly forgot to snap a picture of her but caught her attention as she was walking to her carpool waiting in the drive.
This was her reaction.
Wacky! I love this girl!

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Anonymous said...

Why is she only wearing one rain boot?