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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Coupon Passion

I have been a couponer for as long as I can remember.
Some times more dedicated to it than others.
But, I was going about it all wrong!
I have learned a new refined couponing process over the past 6+ months that has worked for me and I am convinced can & will work for anyone who puts forth the effort.
It DOES take organization, time AND dedication.
With that said, I profess this is something I am a little over zealous about. Call it a passion of sorts if you will.
I would love to help any of you get started, refine your current process, answer ?'s, share couponing finds and free deals, etc.
Leave any questions or list specifics topics you would like to see me post about in the comments.

Here is just one dealio in my quest for cheap training pants for little man.
He is 100% pee trained and 0% shooey (poo) trained. Go figure!
I purchased two packages of Pampers Training Pants (Pull-Ups) - 46 total count - for an out of pocket total of $7.23 (this total includes a $.99 green bag tag purchase - ask me about this if you are clueless what it is).
Here is the breakdown:
$8.97 per package x 2 = $17.94
minus $6 in coupons - $2 CVS printable & (2) $2 manufacturers coupons
I applied $7 ECB from last weeks purchases to my "order" paying $7.23
I earned an add'll $6 ECB to apply towards my next purchase
With all that said I ended up "paying" $.13 per pull-up.

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