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Sunday, July 25, 2010


We received an invite from a very loved lady in our church to attend Cinderella at Theatre in the Park Friday night. It was a special evening for her granddaughter and several other princesses. I had some real concerns about attending because the weather Friday was beyond hot and sticky. The 1st hour which involved waiting in line and enjoying the preshow was a bit uncomfortable, but the remainder of the night was perfect. The girls feasted on all things sugar - candy necklace and bracelets, ring pops, italian shaved ice amongst other shared goodies. It was fun to see the girls (all seven of them) play & interact with one another. I am not too sure any of them sat in one place for any length of time.

Cameron Ronning, Gabrielle, Kaitlyn Beddall, Chase Cheney, Emery Caire, Nevaeh Fulk & Grace Ronning in the back row

We are excited about what shows will be coming to SM Theatre next summer!

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