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Friday, July 9, 2010


What a week!!
I am so glad to see this week behind me. It has NOT been a good one.
Should have been, but was not.
Tuesday I kept my girlfriends kids and I was queesy (is that even a legit word?) all day. The kids caught me laying down every chance I could. Sorry, but a girl has got to do what a girl has got to do to get through a day. My parents returned from vacation with some dear family friends and stopped by for a visit. They weren't here 10 minutes when I bolted off the couch with the 1st of MANY trips to the bathroom to regurgitate every ounce of anything I had put in my mouth that day.
Wednesday was my 35th birthday AND Travis and my 10th wedding anniversary.
10 years folks
That is a big one!
I spent the ENTIRE day in bed with the exception of the times I was in the bathroom with my head hanging over the toilet. I have dined on NOTHING but dry toast & applesauce for three days now. Can I hear a blah? Poor girl? Awwww? Travis has been absolutely amazing catering to me and checking in on me. He brought me Dairy Queen ice cream cake Wednesday night and I have yet to attempt to feast on a slice. I was so fortunate to catch one BIG break in all this madness. My Mom had taken Wednesday off work to enjoy her company and kept the kids the entire day for me. She transported them to Gabrielle's weekly literacy class, the park, McDonald's for ice cream, then back to her house for rest time. She is an amazing Mema to say the least. Thursday the kids and I had a quiet day in. I was able to get a few small tasks accomplished around the house but for the most part played it easy. Today. Today is Friday and today is a new day. Although I am definitely not back to 100%, I am feeling more energized and able to face the day. I look forward to enjoying the kids today and especially spending some quality time with Travis over the weekend celebrating a decade of marriage.

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Jami Nato said...

oh man...i am so sorry you're so sick. i totally know how you feel. but it should be over soon!