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Friday, July 30, 2010

From the mouths of my babes

This summer is flying by and I have done a less than mediocre job of documenting our outings and activities. I have also been lax in recording things that I want to look back on and remember. Things the kids have accomplished or said and done. I am going to try my best to be more intentional about 'journaling' more of these everyday things. I know I will be glad I did so in years to come and I am sure my children will as well.

** Dawson affectionately asks me several times throughout the day "Mommy, is there still a baby in your tummy?" I answer "Yes" and he asks each time "May I kiss the baby in your tummy?" So sweet!
** I took Gabrielle to get her blood drawn at Children's Mercy yesterday afternoon and we made a necessary stop by the Costco in route home. As we were traveling South on Metcalf and were passing the cemetery she says enthusiastically, "That is the most beautiful cemetery I have ever seen. Who owns the cemetery Mommy?" To which I responded "I have no idea." She replied with "Well, I am sure God owns it!" Followed by, "I think God wants us to buy it."
** Dawson is determined he is going to school this Fall. Um, news flash son. Not this year. I want to keep you my baby as long as possible OR until January when the new bean arrives. I do attempt to use this as an excuse to get him to poo on the potty. I tell him "Only big boys who make their shooey in the potty are allowed to go to preschool." Does that persuade him to make every poop in the toilet? NO. He does it when it is his idea and no other time. No bribery for that boy.
** Gabi loves, loves, LOVES KLove radio. She insists on listening to it 99% of the time while driving in the car and at all times in her bedroom. This past week she asks me what it means to be IN LOVE with Jesus. She said, "I thought being in love meant you wanted to marry that person." GREAT teaching moment and a sweet one at that. We discussed all the people in our lives that we not only love but are in love with. She of course immediately says "I am in love with Mema and my Papa and Dawson is in love with me." So true!
** Dawson has names all pegged for this new miracle growing inside of me. If it is a boy his name is to be Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and if it is a girl her name is to be Tina. When we asked why Tina he responded very matter of fact with "Well, cause that is a girl name." He more recently said that "Mommy is going to have a baby sister because I am going to always be her baby boy." I love that his little two year old mind thinks in this way.
** Gabrielle has been repeatedly telling on herself. When I finally said to her, "Gab, I don't want to hear it" she replied "Well, I know it is always best to tell the truth." Another news flash - sometimes it is best to not tell at all :)

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