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Monday, March 21, 2011

2 Months Old

Our sweet baby girl celebrated her 2nd month of life on February 11th. The day was marked with a FULL day of travel to Hornbeak, Tennessee to be with my brother Derek and his family. McKenna proved herself to be an incredible traveler. She quickly earned the affections of her uncle, aunt and cousins.
We had her well baby visit on Wednesday the 9th. She weighed in at exactly 10 lbs and grew an inch measuring 21.5 inches. She did amazing with her immunization shots experiencing no swelling, rash or fever. She is beginning to offer smiles on a more frequent basis and coos often. She is just like our other babies who also suffered with extremely dry, sensitive skin. I call her our little grease monkey when she is all medicated. She continues to light up our lives bringing us so much love.
I attempted taking her 2 month pictures the day we arrived home from our Tennessee trip and she wasn't too enthralled with the idea as the pictures below show.
I couldn't get her to smile for my life!

Below is an out take, but I love it all the same :)

We can't wait to see what the next month has in store for us as we watch her grow and develop into her own little person.
Personal things of note that took place this month:
*February 14th we introduced the bottle
You were unsure about it at first, but took to it quickly
*Week 7 of life you developed a bad rash on your face and neck which the doctor determined to be typical baby acne exacerbated by extreme dry skin
She recommended using Aquaphor with a steroid cream several times a day until it cleared
*Daddy & Mommy secured a life insurance policy for you
*We took our 1st family "vacation" (minus Daddy) to Reelfoot Lake in Hornbeak, Tennessee
You met your Uncle Derek, Aunt Teri and cousins Dylan, Logan & Connor
9 out of 11 of your family came down with the flu bug and were super sick
You and your big brother Dawson were the lucky ones who didn't get sick
*We have taken advantage of the upcoming Spring weather by spending time outdoors and taking walks throughout the neighborhood. You love the fresh air!
*You have really filled out this month
You have the most adorable full cheeks and squeezable thighs with "fat" rolls
We are over the moon in love with you MJ!!


Jami Nato said...

too cute! can't believe she's that big...

Anonymous said...

Christine - I am so very glad you are keeping this diary-of-sorts. You won't regret it. The pix of McKenna are so precious - I personally love the sober look she has. I see so much of Travis in her. She is the best baby - I can attest to that after spending the few days with her in TN. I love you. Mom

Anonymous said...

She gets more beautiful every time I see her!! Love her big blue eyes just like Gabi!!
:) Brandi

Chelsea said...

So sweet! I love her sweet little face! We can definitely relate to the bad baby acne, but luckily it's pretty short-lived. Is hers all gone now? I didn't notice it at church Sunday.

Phyllis Hicks said...

Thanks you for sharing the pictures of MJ and keeping a diary. She is a beautiful baby, as well as her sister and brother. Love, GG