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Friday, March 4, 2011

Just Another Ordinary Week

Rewind One Week (Feb 21 - 25)
It is Friday night and I can.not.believe that another week has flown by. It has been an exceptionally quiet week around the house.

I have been very intentional about spending some quality time with the "big" kids each day. Thursday we spent the early afternoon making a funfetti cake. Dawson is quickly following in his sister's footsteps and fostering a love for baking.

Friday the 25th we pulled out the Tiny Love play mat and introduced McKenna to what has become her favorite activity during her awake periods. She beamed with excitement when we first placed her on it.

And this is the sweet, sweet face that makes life a little more joyful each day :)

Dawson still naps each afternoon from approximately 1:30 - 3:30 which allows us girl time. This is time I generally allot to checking e-mails, paying bills, surfing blogs, reviewing school work with G, etc. but this particular afternoon we spent in MJ's nursery doing a little reorganization. This is the 1st week Gabi has displayed that mini mommy mode and wants to be in charge of caring for her baby sister. She rocks her, reads to her, sings lullabies, wants to help bathe her and so forth. She about gave me a heart attack earlier in the week though as she toted McKenna from upstairs to downstairs. GASP!

I snapped this picture of our wild child and there are so many reasons that I love it:
1. He is wearing his favorite Lightning McQueen jammies and as this series of photos represents our kids LIVE in their pajamas
2. You can clearly see his chapped bottom lip. He is in a current phase of licking both his upper and bottom lips and looks like a clown most every day. He HATES lotions and chapstick so he pitches a fit when we insist he use it.
3. Dawson was born with my oldest brother Brett's "birthmark" on his left ear. Look closely at this picture and you will see the fold or indent on the ridge of his ear.
4. The photo displays his fair skin and the twinkle in his eyes. He is our little trouble maker and I think there is something about his look in this picture that shows that side of him.
5. Lastly, this is how our little man sleeps. He is a tummy sleeper like his mommy.

And I had to throw this one in.
Quila is our tried and true four legged love. She is the most tolerant old fat girl imaginable. The kids step on her, lay on her, pull her ears and tail, cover her in hugs and kisses and she just takes it all in stride. Quila takes ownership of the blankets on the couch, makes her nest and sleeps the day away. Now that is what I call the good life!


Rene' said...

I like the black & white picture of McKenna, it shows her little personality. Gabi is a good big sis. It is so sweet that she loves her baby sister! (remind her of this when they are fighting over who gets to use the car, bathroom or watch their favorite t.v. shows!)

Mo said...

So there's a lot I could say about this blog but I think the most important thing is that Quila made the blog! :P

Phyllis said...

Wonderful pictures!!! Glad that
Gabi is getting in the mimi mom mode. Dawson is so cute. MJ is getting prettier with each week. Her face is fuller and those big eyes exploring the world. Love, GG