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Friday, April 15, 2011

3 Months Old

Sweet, sweet baby girl,
How momma wishes she could stop time. I can not believe you have been a part of our family for three whole months now. I don't think any of us can remember what life was like without you. Simply put, we are love drunk over you. You, little miss, complete our family.

At this age/stage you aren't a fan of the pacifier; a good napper; chubby with delicious fat rolls; easily prompted to smile. What you are is a fist snacker/want to be thumb sucker; a fantastic night sleeper (you started sleeping through the night @ 10 weeks); perfectly proportioned; a bath lover; a great conversationalist; a bubble blower; truly thee best baby {OK, so I'm a little biased}
Mommy loves to
  • watch your siblings interact with you
  • see your Daddy fall more and more madly in love with you daily
  • listen to your adorable baby babble and coos
  • snuggle with you every chance I get
  • witness a parents/grandparents ability to expand their circle of love for another child/grandchild
  • relish in the true miracle that you are
McKenna Jane,
You are my sunshine.
Mommy loves you to the heavens and back!


Chelsea said...

Aw, what a sweet post! Made me tear up. :)

And I love the pictures. She is just a doll baby, I could eat her up!

afleming9 said...

She is such a cutie! Time flies by!

Leanne said...

So cute!!!

Little Momma said...

she is so so so beautiful! like her mama!