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Saturday, April 2, 2011

My March Treasure Book

Each month Gabrielle creates a monthly treasure book at school and brings it home the first part of the following month. She brought March's treasure book home in her backpack yesterday. I always enjoy taking a few minutes to sit down with her and have her tell me in her own words her choices of pictures drawn and so on. I thought some of her works this month were too cute and wanted to share. Here are just a handful of inserts:
Page 1 "JOBS" (charted on a wheel): paleantoagste (palaeontologist), nerse (nurse), computer, vet, juge (judge), fireman, photofer (photographer!), binismen (businessman), mom, dad, artist, chef, Dr., backer (baker)
Page 2 is a drawing of "My Jobs" and she listed below "At home I make my bed, resikcel (recycle), shred papere, wash car"
Page 3 is a drawing of a vet examining a sick frog and below is written "A veterneryin is strange becuzs sume pepel have alegese (allergies) to pets but sume pepel groe (grow) out uve (of) them."
And my favorite which doesn't include a drawing says "Soon im going to alabamae (really we went to Tennesse but her cousins are from Alabama) to see my kuzzinse and im acksidide (excited)."

I love my sweet girl, her love for reading, amazing artistic ability & contagious goofy grin. I love even more her love for Kindergarten, her fantabulous teacher who shares a love for Jesus {and dachshunds} & the cute friendships she has developed over the course of the year. Ugh! I am not ready for the school year to be over. It has been thrilling watching her knowledge expound over the course of the past six months.

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Phyllis Hicks said...

That was precious, be sure to keep some of those memories. Someday, Gabi will be glad you did. I wish you could record her voice reading and singing. Love her, GG