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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Kindergarten Graduation

I almost have to hold back tears just looking at these pictures again. Our sweet, sassy, inquisitive first born child graduated Kindergarten Monday. It is surreal to me that the school year has come and gone so quickly.

This little gal has grown leaps and bounds in her knowledge of addition & subtraction, money values, graphing, the development and nurturing of friendships, and reading. Oh how she loves to read! She can be found parked in the bathroom with a book, curled up in her bed or on the couch with book in hand and often times asks if she can read to her siblings {love this}.

The last hour of class the room mom coordinated an ice cream social for the kiddos and their families. It was a sweet time for all.

I wanted to share this amazing Van Gogh inspired painting the kids made as a keepsake for their teacher. Isn't it just that? Amazing.

Here is Gabrielle with her beloved teacher, Mrs. Barb Stowell, giving her the flower button bouquet shown in the prior posting. I honestly can't even begin to do justice in describing how wonderful of a teacher Mrs. S was/is. She inspired to make learning fun and exciting. She set an example by expressing enthusiasm and by encouraging each child to do their very best. She went out of the way to make each child feel special. For these things I am grateful because it created an atmosphere in which Gabi was eager to partake in and soak up all that she could. And believe me she was a sponge :)

With a classroom this size (25 in all - 14 boys & 11 girls), Mrs. Stowell did one heck of a bang up job!

We are so proud of you and your accomplishments this year. Our hope for you is that you will never lose your excitement about school and learning, that you will continue to make wise choices in your friendships, and that you will be a light within the school system. We love you much!
Inquisitive defined:
(substitute the word inquisitive with Gabrielle and this describes you to a tee at this stage in your life
1. give to inquiry, research, or asking questions: eager for knowledge; intellectually curious: an inquisitive mind
2. unduly or inappropriately curious; prying


Anonymous said...

So you do think she is "unduly" curious? I wish I could have been a fly on the wall her last day of Kindergarten. I know how much she loved her teacher. I guess her big toothless smile says it all. Thanks for sharing. My girl isn't going to stay so little anymore. Mom

GG in Spfd. said...

Thank you for sharing Gabrielle graduation from kindergarten. It really is hard to think my granddaughter has passed this first milestone in her life. She looked so cute in her cap, and seemed to really be enjoying the party, I love that precious girl.

Meredith said...

i love that she had such a great teacher, it really makes a huge difference in how she'll feel about the rest of her school years. getting started on the right track! :)