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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Things in the Making

Over the course of the last several days I have been finding (or rather making) the time to spend a couple of minutes crafting. I count it as my 5 - 10 minutes of zen time. These are all pretty self explanatory but I put a little ditty under each photo.

Wool flower pins to attach to a purse, sweater, headband, etc.

Scrapbook supplies repurposed to make bows for the girls.
They are attached to jaw clips so Gabi can wear them as is or I can attach to a headband for MJ.

Satin round "flower" attached to a pin.
Sweater purchased at Target on clearance.
Thumbs up or thumbs down?

Lace rosettes attached to bobby pins.
My favorites are the grey (I made a pair) and the white

A rocking necklace I made my niece Paige to include with her high school graduation present.
Photo credit to MGR

Miss G helped with this creation. She wanted to give her teacher an end of the year gift. Mrs. Stowell's favorite color is yellow so Gabi insisted on this plant which we purchased at HyVee. It was wrapped in bright yellow cellophane and was then tucked into the cutest yellow dot square gift bag (go with it as I clearly didn't get a picture showing ALL the details). She stacked buttons, threaded through floral wire, gave a little twist and inserted into the soil and presto - button flowers!

She was so proud of her gift and her teacher loved it!
More to come on our soon to be 1st grader so stay tuned.

I have a few more crafty projects I am wishing to tackle but they must wait while I check a few more pertinent things off my to do list.


allyson said...

i am in love with that necklace you made for your niece!! how did you do that?? nice!!

Megan said...

i love the necklace as well! it reminds me of a celtic knot. very unique- you did a great job! and very cute idea on the button flowers for the plant for gabi's teacher!

Leanne said...

They all look great!

GG from Spfd. said...

You are expanding crafts to include cute bows, button flowers, and the necklace was great. Crafts made from the heart are the best
gifts. The bows look professional.!!!!