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Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day

My mother's day was relaxing and fulfilling. I woke to happy kiddos with their gift to me being a promise to be on their best behavior all day. We attended church and then did a little shopping at NFM with Papa and Mema followed by a DELICIOUS lunch at Applebee's. The big kids soaked up the beautiful weather outside while I snuggled up and took a short nap with Ms. McKenna. We ate a light supper, tucked the kids into bed early and watched the season finale of The Amazing Race.
So this is what you get when you are attempting to capture a picture with three little people combined with it being a sunny morning. Ugh!
Life as it is :)

I hope each of the Mother's out there had a wonderful day especially those experiencing their very first Mommy's Day (Monika Ogilvie & Katie Morris)!


monika said...

Thanks Christine it was the best day!!

Chelsea said...

Beautiful mama and her children! Sounds like a perfect Mother's Day!

Megan said...

sounds like you had a great Mother's day with your sweet kiddos! and i love the photo progression- it's real life, trying to get them all to look at the camera at once, but very cute :)