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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

And the Misfortunes Continue

Sunday and Monday were relatively easy on me/us with the exception of one large batch of over baked cookies - darn me for walking away after turning off the timer. Tuesday, well not so much! The misfortunes decided to make another visit. I prepared a bowl of organic rice cereal for McKenna that Travis fed her while we sat down for our supper meal. After supper I left to run up the street to send a fax and drop a prescription at the pharmacy. I phoned home after being gone about 30 minutes and T said McKenna had been pretty fussy so I headed home. I wasn't home five minutes snuggling MJ when the sonic flood gates of vomit came from the very pits of her stomach. It.was.frightening! No joke when I say it was like a fountain out of her mouth AND nose. I was covered in vomit, she was covered in vomit & our couch ... well, let's just say I am thankful for microfiber pretreated fabric that is easily washable. After this initial episode I stripped the baby and bathed her, then placed her in the bouncy seat while I proceeded to take a shower. I was drying off when the 2nd round of emesis hit her like a freight train. She was covered in her own vomit and was lying in a pool of it in her bouncy. Travis rushed in to my side to help. Bath #2, lots of snuggle time mixed with some strained smiles and we thought things had settled down. I had said several times that I wasn't comfortable with the way she sounded. There was an audible rattle coming from her lungs. I headed downstairs to get her pacifier to calm her when she started to spew thick mucus. My heart dropped to the floor as her little body just gave way and she collapsed in my arms. It is now 10:40am and she is STILL fast asleep. She woke at 7:15 this morning, nursed and fell back asleep. I am praying that her tiny body is recovering and she will awake her happy little self. Food allergy to organic rice cereal? Just a fluke stomach bug? We will probably never know. Just know we will not be too eager to reintroduce organic in the future. She was doing great with the Gerber brand.
I had gone to bed about 10:15 in hopes of getting a good night sleep. That was quickly interrupted with periods of Dawson crying out in his sleep. Please bare with a little honesty here. I didn't go in to check on him for over an hour as this is highly unlike him to wake. About midnight or so he began whimpering and I finally drug my laziness out of bed to see what was troubling him. Holy smokes did I wait too long! The poor child was drenched in urine. Picture him standing next to his bed with pee dripping off/out of his pull-up and him pointing to his bed repeating himself saying "wet, wet, wet." I was in complete disbelief when I turned on the light and saw just how "wet, wet, wet" his bed was. I knew he had taken a lot of fluids over the course of the night, but my gracious. So my morning has been consumed with laundry and more laundry. Update, it is now 10:50 and little miss just stirred herself from her sweet slumber. I am off to get my baby love!


Kendra said...

Poor babies!

Chelsea said...

Oh Christina. What a rough go you've had lately! So sorry, hun. And sorry I haven't been keeping up with my blogs. I've been so busy lately that my google reader is falling more and more behind. You should call me with these things! :)

I really hope things are better. I know that several kids at church have had stomach bugs, so it could be that. I hope that you aren't scared off the organic stuff for too long. ;)

Chelsea said...

I can assure you I do know your name. :) My SIL's name is Christina so sometimes when I type your name, my fingers type Christina instead. I usually notice it and fix it, but obviously not this time. SORRY!

GG in Spfd. said...

When it rains at your house, it really pours. Poor MJ--She finaly got every thing up. I know it was her lungs you were concerned about with the rattling sounds. It has been so hot, Dawson needed the fluids, sorry he flooded the bed.