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Tuesday, July 5, 2011


It was a busy week for us with company. Travis's mom and sister arrived in town for a brief visit early Tuesday afternoon. We spent the afternoon at the n'hood pool & then indulged in a delic' dinner & margaritas at Salty Iguana followed by a little shopping at the red bullet. We started the day Wednesday with an early morning visit to the pediatrician. This is where the string of misfortunes began. We had noticed a rather small bald patch develop on the crown of Dawson's head several days prior and felt it had more than doubled in size over the course of a day or two so the nurse we suggested we have him evaluated. The short end of this is, he is being treated for ring worm (which I am still not convinced it is) and we were told to not expect new hair growth for a period of up to two months. Boo! Thursday we headed to BlackBob Bay in south Olathe with my brother Derek and his family who were in town for the week from Alabama. We had a great time with the older kids going down the water slides, jumping off the diving boards, floating down the lazy river and such. We were so careful to apply and reapply sunscreen, but man oh man was it apparent where my hands could and could not reach on MY OWN back come evening time. I was burned to say the least! Somehow Derek convinced my Dad to go down the water slides so we awaited our turn. Dad went down directly in front of Gabi and I. This is when shear panic set in. My Dad isn't much of a swimmer and as he entered the water the tube capsized and my Dad went under. What I didn't know at the time was he hit his head pretty hard at the bottom of the pool. He came up and immediately went back under unable to get his footing. There were two lifeguards at the base of the water slides and neither saw my Dad or came to his immediate rescue. I started screaming at the lifeguard at the top of the slides that my Dad was in need of help. He blew his whistle and finally the female lifeguard pulled my Dad up. It really shook us up. Friday morning I was up early so I checked voice messages (something I do rarely as of lately) and retrieved a message that seemed somewhat suspicious to me. It was a prerecorded message from Frog Service Center stating we needed to return a call to a toll free number & reference a case number in regards to our bank account. I immediately phoned the local branch and low and behold it was a valid call notifying us that our bank account had been compromised. Somehow someone attempted to make a VERY sizable purchase on Travis's card and the transaction was flagged as it didn't coincide with our spending trends. Praise the Lord that it was caught! After verifying that the transaction was indeed fraudulent they reported T's card as "hot" stopping any further activity from occurring. Saturday morning I woke after a fitful night of sleep and was changing McKenna's diaper as Travis entered the room to announce the air conditioner wasn't working at all (which we had suspected late Friday night). I was distracted by our discussion for all of ten seconds and when I refocused on the task at hand discovered she had emptied her bladder all over the bed. No AC on what would be one of the hottest days of the summer thus far paired with the necessity to strip the bed and create further heat by running the washer and dryer = much frustration. After spending the entire morning making calls, I finally secured a repairman to come out in the late afternoon. Again, praises that it ended up being a quick, fairly affordable repair and we were able to reenter a cool home by bed time that same evening. The day ended with me hugging the toilet regurgitating every bite of Oklahoma Joe's BBQ I had devoured just hours before with my family.
Here is to hoping and praying that these little misfortunes are behind me and that I can have a great week ahead!


Megan said...

sorry you've had such a rough week with all the misfortunes. hopefully this week will be much better :)

GG in Spfd. said...

It has been so long since I have talked with you all, then Travis never says much. Sorry for the bad week, but again I am happy to read your blog to stay connected. I could not imagine these hot days without air. Weather was undoubtfully not so severe, when I was young. We had a hand fan.