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Monday, July 11, 2011

Birthday Abundance

This past Thursday marked my 36th birthday as well as Travis' and my 11th wedding anniversary. I was celebrated throughout the day by family and friends. A girlfriend treated me and the kiddos to lunch followed by a sweet treat at Cherry on Top.
She also spoiled me in a big way with

this fun new clasp wallet

my first pair of flirty peep toed sandals

and these fun strappy sandals.

We returned home from lunch to find this amazing gift that had been delivered by another dear friend. I love it!

Moments later I had a girlfriend from church pop in to deliver this yummy cookie cake

and this pad of sticky notes with 100 ways to say "I care"
Today's way to say I care -
Practice Random acts of praise!

And a favorite
A Blue Swirl hand stamped necklace with each of my family members initials.
My parents so graciously gifted us their time to keep the littles so we could have an evening out. They gave us cash to enjoy a nice supper & drinks. We followed that up with a little live music, shopping and dessert at Cold Stone Creamery. Yep, ice cream twice in one day!
My mother in law sent money as well that I used to treat myself to some much needed new clothes. In true bargain fashion I was able to get two pair of pants at the GAP, a pair of jeans & two short sleeve shirts at JCP.
Yeah for happy birthdays and for 11 years of wedded life with my man.
(My apology for the poor photo quality.
One of these days I will learn how to use this camera of mine.
For now I will just keep trying.)


Kendra said...

Oh my! This was quite the day for you! I am SO HAPPY that you had a wonderful day...double the ice cream for me in one day would make my day too! (Did Chelsea H. make that necklace for you?) I NEED ONE!!! :)

Meredith said...

everything looks so fun!! happy birthday, summer is a great time to have one;)
oh,and you asked about how i got word bubbles on my pics? i use picnik and i love it! i just put on a sticker, fade it and then add text over the top of it. good luck! :)

MIL said...

Glad you enjoyed a magical birthday and anniversary. So many nice gifts, Love, Phyllis