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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

All About Me

Week 2 of Summer School Computer PowerPoint Assignment

Name: Gabrielle

Hobbies: Work, Play, Go to school

Summer Vacation: Fishing, Iowa, Splash Cove

Family Members: Dad & Mom, Brother Dawson, Sister McKenna

3 Fun Facts About Me: I'm funny, I have a dog, I love school

Goals For Next School Year: Stand Up for Others, Get Work Done on Time, Be Nice

Sis, I know you won't read this for years to come but I want to confess to you that I was that mom. The one who made you review all your school papers with me. The one who asked lots of questions and prodded you for more information. I got such a kick out of some of the answers you gave for this PowerPoint assignment. When I asked you what you meant by work, you stated "you know, school is my work." I appreciate the simplicity of your answers to your summer vacation wish list. I can promise we can and will make each of those "vacation" wants a reality and have fun in doing so. It's when I got to your goals section that I realized that you aren't such a little girl anymore. You have grown in your maturity as well as your thought process. You push us to answer tough questions about whether or not Santa Claus and the Easter bunny are real; how a baby is born (You believe that God tells a momma when the time is right and then the doctor applies a magical lotion to mommy's tummy and the doctor is able to remove the baby without any cuts or scars. I'll keep allowing you to believe this until we feel you are old enough for a bit more truth behind how God really designed mommy's to bring babies into the world); and you want a better understanding about the trinity.  My hope for you is that you will honestly work toward achieving those goals in the upcoming school year and that you will implement the "be nice" goal not only at school but at home with your siblings.
You are in your 3rd week of summer school and are really enjoying it. You're expanding on your math skills, keeping your nose in a book during your reading session, loving the acting class and getting more and more eager for the presentation & really getting good at finding your way around the computer. We have been spending time during Dawson and McKenna's nap time going over your work, reading together and most recently playing games on the American Girl website. I'm so glad you are enjoying your summer school session but am also secretly looking forward to July when we will have our mornings together to plan some fun outings.


Gigi said...

Really a cute picture of the kids. Thanks for sharing Gabrielle's summer school activities. Takes dedication on the parents part, for her to achieve success.

Audra said...

Hi Christine,
Just stopped by your blog to show Benjamin some pictures of you and the kids. He wants to ride on your Mater. :) :)
Thanks again ahead of time. See you Monday!