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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Wish List Check

Braces! Tomorrow marks one week since this monumental event took place. I know it may seem a bit crazy for a nearly 37 year old to be happy over the fact that she is sporting braces, but truth be told I have wanted them for 20 - 25 years. I wore retainers as a teen and that was all good until I threw away lost at least one paired with the fact that it was removable which meant I wore it when I chose to wear it. You get the point. I didn't reap the benefit that braces provide. Fast forward to recent days when I had a detailed visit with the dentist, which led to several visits with an endodontist (praise the Lord it ended up being a dead tooth and not oral cancer which was a possibility) a root canal, a crown, several replaced fillings, a custom fit night guard and recommendations from both providers to see an orthodontist and I found myself sitting in his chair several weeks back for a consultation. He (Dr. Jeff Thompson) confirmed what I already knew. My bite is severely jacked. I have what they refer to as a deep bite and I apparently grind my teeth at night which has resulted in trauma to my teeth (ahem, aforementioned dead tooth). My consultation visit was on Wednesday the 6th, I returned the following day to have a couple of spacers placed and then had the braces put on Wednesday the 13th. 
This is me immediately after leaving the office. Cheese.
And again once I was home. 
I Instagrammed this photo with the caption "Beautiful Smile in the Making" and I'm excited for that day!
The real reason behind proceeding with opting for braces is honestly to correct my bite but I would be completely lying if I didn't say I'm also pumped to get the resulting beautiful smile!!
I quickly learned that eating is a luxury and isn't the easiest of tasks when acclimating to braces. I have also learned my toothbrush is my new BFF. I am brushing my teeth a LOT!
I'm documenting this next part, because I know I for one will want to recall this information in the future, but also for comparison for when our kids are sporting braces of their own in years to come. 
Treatment Fee: $5850
Cost of ceramic uppers: $400
Records Fee: $305
Anticipated Insurance Adjustment:$1007
Anticipated Insurance Payment: $1000
Anticipated Out of Pocket Cost:  $4548
Interest Free 24 month financing: FREE
Parents, you have my permission to choke now :)

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Lynee said...

Braces are horribly expensive. But, you will be so happy in the long run. I went through almost 10 years of orthodontic work from correcting my underbite with a chin guard to appliance to spread my mouth apart, to years of braces, to retainers, etc. The sore teeth and raw lips/mouth from being cut by the braces are completely worth it when you get those braces off and see straight teeth. Happy Smiling!!