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Monday, June 18, 2012

Memorial Day 2012

Doh! I added this post and forgot to hit the publish button.
We spent Memorial Day with Papa and Mema at Deanna Rose Farmstead. Daddy had to work and missed out on the fun. It was a perfect day to enjoy the animals & beautiful garden area.We made our rounds making an effort to stop at each "attraction" and allow time to take it all in.
McKenna would have been perfectly content spending the morning at this small play structure. 
She owned that steering wheel & stood her ground when anyone else wanted a turn!
One of the kids favorite things to do while visiting DR is to feed the baby goats. It's an inexpensive means to five minutes of laughs. The goats act as if they are famished jumping up on the kids, gnawing at their clothes & staking their ground in order to attach to the bottle only to have the kids yank it right back out of their mouths in pursuit of the next victim.
I know every parent says this and I make no apologies, but our children are beautiful! Sometimes I look at them and think "WE made YOU! Your Daddy & I did that. Dang you're cute!"
And then I look at pictures like this and I am reminded how very blessed our kiddos are to have thee most fun loving grandparents to invest so much time, energy & love in them!
{This picture was taken of Mema 5 months post chemotherapy. Isn't she rockin' some incredible hair?! MJ has a bit of an obsession with it. There isn't too many times that Mema is holding her that she isn't running her hands through it.}

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