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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

School Picture Day - Fall 2012

This young beauty is growing up right before our eyes. It's hard to swallow that in just a few short months we will celebrate her 8 years of life. She is our answer to many prayers, a long wait, and many failed attempts at conceiving. Although she tests us & pushes our patience level to a whole new level, we are SO thankful for her life and the way she enriches ours. Just this week she pulled some heartstrings with this dinner prayer restated verbatim "and thank you for my Daddy who works a lot, for my mommy who cleans a lot, for my baby sister who is fun to play with, and for my brother who always encourages me! And Lord Jesus, thank you for being so awesome." and just yesterday after praying and some conversation she asked us "Am I a Christian?" She shared with us that she has been writing her prayers and praises on paper and taping them to her window "because He can see everything." Yes child, He can and He does!
We hadn't bought her any new school clothes other than tennis shoes for P.E. and everyday shoes (she choose BOBS) so I wanted to surprise her with something new for picture day. A friend had given her the turquoise Justice corduroys last year and when I saw this tee and cardi paired together at JcPenney and at a price I was comfortable with I headed out to pick it up. $10 coupon in hand because that's how I roll.
I have always liked her dressed in bright colors because they really make her blue eyes pop. A school classmate of mine commented on these pictures on Facebook saying how she looks just like I did at that age. She does have my fair complexion, square face and oh so pointy chin.
Gabi is excelling in reading, spelling & math which coincidentally were my strong subjects throughout school as well. Here is to hoping she enjoys history and science more than her momma!


Lynee said...

What a beautiful young lady. You are definitely blessed she is yours.

Anonymous said...

I could not be more proud to call her my granddaughter. She is just a beautiful little girl with a very loving, generous heart. Thanks for the nice post. Mom

Phyllis said...

Thank you for sharing your fun outings with the kiddo's. Gabi is a beautiful, with a heart-shaped face and caring heart. Her prayer touched my heart. Love, GiGi