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Friday, October 19, 2012

Pictures, Park, Dogs & S'mores

Last Friday was the epitome of perfect Fall weather. The trees were in full splendor of color, there was a gentle breeze and a crispness to the air. It was a bit cool & overcast but beautiful just the same. Our new friends from church flattered me by asking me to take pictures of their two young girls so we packed up and headed to a park nearby their home for some photos and frolicking.While there and with the camera in tow (it's a rare occasion that the camera leaves its resting place in the kitchen cabinet) I snapped a handful of the "bigs."
I would have benefited greatly from shooting with a larger aperture to capture the blazing orange leaves in the background in this image. They truly were glorious.
Little man is becoming a bit more open to having his picture taken. I will miss this babyish smile.
This was Dawson's look as he recalled he had left his hat at the playground area. He wasn't too thrilled when I asked him to return to retrieve it. Both Gabrielle and McKenna have beautiful blues eyes and D inherited his Daddy and my deep hazel eyes. I am also fond of this image because it shows Dawson's "birthmark" ear, trademarked by his Uncle Brett.
Gabrielle and Adyson - fast new friends
After pictures and playtime at the park we enjoyed hot dogs, chili and all the fixins fireside in the Lankford's backyard. To cap off the night we made ooey gooey s'mores with campfire marshmallows. Have you seen these monstrous marshmallows on the store shelves? I suggest sticking to the traditional sized as the campfire don't melt easily and ooze out of the graham crackers. Still yummy and worth indulging in seconds!


Mo said...

You're right. Sounds like the perfect fall day!

Phyllis said...

The fall background did make great the pictures of the children. I especially liked the Dawson picture, unique, and so much like him. He told me today that he could read, I stand amazed!! Travis confirmed that he could read. Love, GiGi

Katie said...

From the looks of your photography, I could learn a thing or two from YOU about using a real camera! Just beautiful. Your kiddos are precious.