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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Louisburg Cider Fest

Last Sunday we played hooky from church and headed South to Louisburg Cider Fest at the Louisburg Cider Mill.
It was a beautiful crisp morning of bounce house fun {not pictured}
Pony rides
Gabi is riding Boomer
Gabrielle loved that each pony had its mane in pony tails and its tail braided
We failed to learn the name of Dawson's horse
What is a visit to the Cider Mill without donuts and cider?
It took McKenna a few minutes to decide to eat her donut. She doesn't like to get her hands dirty. OCD much? But when she did take her first bite, she inhaled it!
We browsed the vendor booths, took a quick gander at how the cider is made, played on the hay and with the pumpkins and then our fun outing was cut short. Little miss decided mid day was a good time to let a little tummy bug settle in. I failed to grab the travel diaper bag out of the van so I scrambled to ask a complete stranger to bum a diaper and wipes to get her cleaned up only for her to immediately fill her pants again so we made a mad dash back to the van. It is now Saturday (6 days later) and she is still dealing with diarrhea. The pediatrician said it can last up to a couple weeks. What?! She is getting {more than normal} frequent baths, lots of bootie lube and her fair share of probiotics. 
Although the Festival was super congested, we didn't allow it to hinder us from enjoying a fun outing with friends!

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