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Friday, April 25, 2008

Awesome wonder

Rene' and I took the kids to the Arboretum on Wednesday.
It is a little piece of heaven right here on earth.

I so look forward to taking my family (my parents and mostly my brother Derek and his family) in the coming months. There is so much beauty to take in. I was trying to put into words to Travis how at peace I felt when I was there; the sound of running water, feeling the breeze and just soaking in all God's creation. I also had so much respect for those volunteers whose hands were at work planting, watering & tending to the flower beds.

I love to watch these two together.
Gabrielle enjoys every minute with Tatum. I am so thankful for Rene's friendship and that our children are so close in age. It has been a fun ride watching them grow up together over the past couple of years.

Gabi would live outside this time of year if we would allow her to. I so often say she is a boy in a girls body. She loves to pick flowers, get her hands down in the dirt & just run at her free will.

I love this sweet picture of her - she is such a pretty little thing!

I am thankful for my time at the Arboretum, for gorgeous flowers, flowing water, breathtaking views & for refreshing time with a dear friend. I am also thankful for the rain which followed. It was a great teaching discussion with Gabrielle how God provides the rains to nourish every living thing.

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Jason & Rene said...

those pics turned out good ;) see you later!!!