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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Happy Hump Day!

What started out as a bumpy morning turned out to be terrific. 1st off Gabrielle woke up way too early and was a grumpy butt the 1st hour she was awake. That quickly turned around when I told her Chase was coming over to play. Gabrielle was all geared up to have a couple hours of play time with Chase but I received a call from Allyson saying both Chase and Gage were somewhat under the weather so they wouldn't be coming over. Gabi turned on the alligator tears in a moments time so to redeem myself I quickly returned a call to April who had phoned earlier in the morning asking if we wanted to meet them at the park. I loaded the kids up and headed off to the park. Ethan and Gabrielle had a blast being little dare devils playing together. We treated ourselves to McD's for lunch (I even splurged and allowed Gabi chocolate ice cream for dessert) & April and I were able to converse and catch up. It was much needed time with one another! The highlight of our day was making our 1st trip to the library. Gabrielle thought she was so privileged to pick out a pile of books to take home. I am unsure if she fully understands that they don't belong to us & we have to return them. Dawson was his good spirited little self and was just happy to be in tow. He is changing at the speed of lightening! He is now pushing himself up on his arms, sitting for LONG periods of time playing with his toys, gets from a sitting position to his tummy & lets out screams of shear delight.

This was my attempt at snapping a pic of my little man w/his Mommy. UGH! I hate pics of myself. Should an almost 33 year old have a double chin already?

A quick shot I caught of Dad with the kiddos this afternoon


Jason & Rene said...

I like this picture of you. I like your camera too. it does a great job.

April said...

We had so much fun, too! Thanks for sharing your morning with us. It was such a blessing to have your company and I loved the idea you had for hiring an assistant instead of taking maternity leave. Now all I need to do is find someone!