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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Handsome Hunk (Punn intentional)

I know we are all partial to our children, but can I just say that I am crazy in love with MY little man? When Travis and I found out we were pregnant with Gabrielle I had strong conversation with the Lord that he had to bless me with a son 1st. I had this in my mind for two reasons.
1. I have 2 amazing handsome older brothers with whom I grew up having a great relationship with, whom I looked (and continue to look) up to, & who I have the utmost respect for
2. Every little girl deserves a big brother to look after & protect her the way my 2 did for me. Don't let me forget to say to ridicule, harrass & embarrass the way they did as well.
As you all know things didn't go my way and the Lord blessed me with the most beautiful, strong willed, curly haired doll instead. So we were elated when Dawson came along. God's timing is perfect!

Not only did He give us a son to love, he gave us one with sweet baby rolls, eyes that sparkle & a smile that will melt anyones heart. Dawson is so much fun to interact with, laugh with & love.

My friend Allyson did a quick mini photo shoot to document Dawson at 6 months of age. I love every shot she took. He so often has his tongue pressed against his lip as shown in the above photo, but most of all I love how she captured his eyes. A person's eyes & smile speak volumes.

This is just one of my favorites. I simply adore how you are drawn to his little foot and how he has his toes curled. I really like how the photo sillouettes his figure in the background.
Thanks again Allyson for a fun morning and for all the great shots!
James 1:17 Every good and perfect gift is from above


Jason & Rene said...

There is something about Dawson's sweet little face and eyes that always brings tears to my eyes. not to sound corny..but maybe it is because we are so close and our kids are close. But I think mostly it is because I dislike all the tests, helmet fittings and what nots that this sweet little boy has to endure.
we love you and your beautiful family. I've always told you that you and Travis make gorgeous children. and allyson's pictures definately reflect that sentiment exactly.
love ya

Anonymous said...

i love the scipture you put at the end. he is such a sweet little boy and allyson did a great job capturing his essence. thanks for the encouraging words. i am on a little roller coaster right now, part hormones, part unsure of myself. anywho...i am happy we are getting to know each other, you are a sweet friend to have.

Lisa said...

Dawson is such a sweet little boy, the pictures turned out so cute. How is the helmet going?