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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

It's beginning to feel like Spring

The high was 67 degrees yesterday so I took advantage and headed outside with the kids after lunch. Gabrielle and Bree had such a great time sliding and chasing each other around the back yard.

I snapped this quick shot of the girls playing with our neighbors Boston Terrior through the fence. They have become great little playmates despite the 18 month age difference. Gabrielle enjoys the days that Bree is with us. She likes to be mother hen.

Here is my boy sporting his most adorable Harley Davidson jacket for the 1st time! Aunt Shari & Uncle Darren will love him in it. It is by far one of my favorite consignment sale finds! Dawson has become really good at supporting himself sitting up in the past several weeks. The girls went on a dandelion hunt therefore Gabi though it necessary for brother to have one to munch on.

I didn't post the picture, but the dandelion DID indeed make it into his mouth. I love this time of year and the new life it brings with it.

1 comment:

Jason & Rene said...

so cute!! I can't believe dawson is sitting up already! Jealous!!!

Have a safe trip in springfield..hope to see you soon