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Friday, May 9, 2008

Bath time fun for two

This past Thursday the 1st I decided I would allow the kids to take a bath together. Dawson has been sitting without support for quite sometime now so I trusted he would do well. The two of them giggled with glee and splashed each other.

Gabrielle put on her classic camera smile as I snapped a few shots

Dawson on the other hand was not about to smile for me. He was focusing all his attention on where the toys were floating in the tub.

He was fearless of the water and was perfectly content to lay on his back and play with the tub toys before getting out. We only had one brief moment of panic as water lapped into his mouth and he sputtered. Gabrielle has asked almost daily when they get to take a bath together again.

Sister giving brother a big bear hug and thanking him for sharing in the fun!

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