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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mothers Day 2008

I had a great Mother's Day weekend with one minor exception ... I didn't sleep a wink Saturday evening. Sleep has been a real issue for me as of lately! Enough said about that. Friday night we had a quiet evening at home. The kids and I went over to Mema & Papa's and took a nice walk around their subdivision with them. I don't think I stopped talking the whole time. Sometimes it feels like even though they live so close I don't get enough uninterrupted talk time with them. Saturday Travis took on Daddy duty and allowed me to head to the Scrapbook Page to tap into my not so creative outlet. I was so stoked to complete (minus the journaling) 3 layouts + 3 additional random pages for a total of 9 pages. I will try to post pics of the pages tomorrow. Sunday we went to early service then to lunch back at my parents. Mom and Dad were so gracious to offer to keep Gabrielle so I could try to take a nap during Dawson's nap time. I don't know that I got much sleep but I will admit that I was curled up in bed for a little over 2 hours!! It was great! Sunday evening I wasted brain cells and precious time watching the season finale of Survivor Micronesia. I was disappointed in the outcome. I swore not to watch this season but got roped in a couple weeks back.
Glad that it is over ....
All for now - Travis took 26 pictures on Mother's Day and this is as good as it gets. Thank-you Bubby for making me a Mom and for sharing in the chaos and joy of raising two beautiful children. I love you!

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Jason & Rene said...

These are really cute, chris. I like them all! you look super skinny in them ;)
Love ya