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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Fun Q & A For Kids

At Jeanna's suggestion I sat down with Gabrielle today and asked her this list of questions. Oh my!! Thanks Jeanna for the free laugh and for 5 minutes of unforgettable smiles this afternoon.

Who is your favorite person?
What is your favorite food that mommy cooks?
Pancakes (I can't take the credit for this answer. Her Mema actually is the one who makes them for her)
What do you usually pray for?
For God to help me eat my food
What is your favorite place to eat out?
What is the silliest thing your daddy does?
He is silly, smiling & joking
How do your parents know so much?
Because they obey
Who is Jesus?
He is my friend
What is the most important rule?
Stay in bed and don't get out
What is the yuckiest food and why?
Peanuts because I am allergic. They make me sick and I throw up.
Who are you going to marry?
You (Mommy)
What are you going to name your children?
Sophie, Alexis & Judy (Alexis and Judy have been her imaginary friends for quite some time now!) & John if it is a boy
What is the best thing about a grandparent?
I love them and get hugs and kisses from them


Jeanna said...

what a cutie! so glad you did it. oh, and the story about jason's bday is outrageous. wow.

Jason & Rene said...

I didn't even post the answers my girls gave. I'll tell you about it later. that is so sweet that she said Tatum ;) Gab's (as tatum calls her) is a smart little cookie....

Anonymous said...

she is too cute! loved it.