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Monday, May 19, 2008

Flowers + Family + Friends = Fun

While Daddy's away - the kids shall play! Travis was off to Tulsa for a 3 day golfing extravaganza so I scheduled an outing with Papa and Mema to the OP Arboretum. I knew that they would appreciate the beauty that surrounds you there.

Gabrielle holding Papa's hand as we were entering the Arboretum

Mema's girl for sure

Gabrielle wanted so desperately to get close to the water until we noticed all the snakes lounging amongst the rocks. She was fascinated to see one so up close and personal. A little too close for Momma!

Just one of the many beautiful flowers in bloom

This is a covered walkway in the children's dedicated area. I had high expectations for what I perceived this arch to be. Not as I had expected, however Gabi enjoyed running up and down it multiple times.

Our nephew Tyler flew in from Texas over the weekend to attend his friend's high school graduation bash. Gabrielle was beside herself to spend time with him. (She didn't quite understand why Paige wasn't with him.) Tyler is a natural with her. We got to enjoy a couple of hours with him before his flight home on Sunday. .

Saturday night a good friend came to stay with the kids while I had an adult night out. Andrew Morris (the oldest of the Morris 3) graduated from KCUMB. He & his wife will be relocating to Philly where Andrew will be specializing in Urology. Those of my family reading this post are more than familiar with the Morris clan. For the rest of you let's just leave it at I was their "babysitter" and I love this family like no other. Molly, the youngest, was the little sister I never had. She is getting married in late September and Ms. Magoo (Gabrielle) is the flower girl. The Morris family spoiled me growing up and now they spoil my kiddos. The festivities were held at the 75th Street Brewery. Travis missed out on hanging with Will Shields. He is good friends with Andrew and Audra. It was nice visiting with him and getting to know a little about his family. He is incredibly nice and extremely large!! PS Audra, please e-mail the pic of Mo and I!!

Sorry for the long post. Thanks for checking in. Please leave a comment to let me know you are keeping up with our little family.


Jason & Rene said...

I agree about the walkway at the arboretum. I'm glad you got to get out and about over the weekend.
anyways, just wanted to let you know that I "stopped by"....

Lisa said...

I enjoyed hanging out with you today. Nice pictures, I have been wanting to go to the Arboretum but haven't made it yet. Talk to you later!
Love, Lisa

April D. Hunt said...

I'm so glad to see the pictures! Dave and I will definitely have to take Ethan there. I'm sure with his love of water he'll like the waterfall the best. He always tells me, "Mommy, the water is going down, down, down." Too cute!