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Monday, April 6, 2009

Bzzzz Cut

Travis had been bugging me for weeks about Dawson's long hair. I personally love his hair long so I ignored Daddy's request for a haircut until a couple of weeks ago. I guess I was caught in a weak moment because as we prepared for bath time I impulsively headed for the scissors & shears. About mid way through the hair cut I started dealing with a wiggle worm so like all good mommys do I bribed with a sucker (organic & sugar free!).

It worked! Can you tell by the smile?
It is almost as if Dawson is saying in this picture "I love you sweet goodness!!"

That pile of hair pictured is only the half of it.
Dawson and I were either wearing the rest or it was filtered across the bathroom.

And here is our little man sporting his new big boy look.
I guess Mommy likes his hair both ways :0)

1 comment:

April D. Hunt said...

Very Cute. You did a great job! It does make him look older.