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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Self Feeding

What type A Mommy allows her child to make this kind of mess?

If this post tells you anything about me, it is that I am somewhat of a "controlling" Mommy when it comes to preventing food messes.
Dawson is 18 months old now.
It is high time he feed himself 100% of the time.
SO - I let loose and gave up control two weeks ago today.
These pictures portray his self celebration.
The lighting is terrific in our kitchen area {but terrible for photos as seen above}.
I am pretty sure we headed straight to the tub following lunch time :0)


Rene' said...

Oh My!!!! what a mess... I'm proud of you for letting loose and letting Baby D make a big boy mess :) happens at my house daily..LOL Zoe's a great vaccum cleaner..

April D. Hunt said...

I must be an awful mom and daycare provider. Dylan is already starting to feed himself solids, and I make my 9 mo old daycare kiddo do the same. You'd hate to see my floor (carpet) after lunch every day. My tip to you....collect old twin sheets, from garage sales, whatever, and put them on the floor under the high chair. Fold it up - shake it off outside - and put it in the wash. I have enough to get me through the week and then I wash them all at once.