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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter 2009

We celebrated Easter Sunday with my parents. We all attended early morning church service then met back at the house for our 1st annual Easter egg hunt. Since the weather wasn't the best (a little overcast and chilly) we moved the hunt indoors. The kids had fun searching amongst the furniture and their toys for hidden eggs filled with change & goodies. After the hunt we allowed them to open their goodies bags. Mom and I had such a good time together shopping for them this year and I was very pleased with our finds. Amazingly the two kids have done a wonderful job sharing their new things. Here are just a couple of pictures from the day. Unfortunately I can't seem to get the orientation correct on the pic of Dawson alone so I chose to eliminate it. (Any hints?? I edited it in Picaso, but it still is sideways when I upload it.)

Gabrielle looked so pretty in her "special dress."
Thanks Barb & Molly
Bright pink cast and all.

We have yet to capture a great family photo of the four of us together.
This is as good as it gets :0)

Our two munchkins relishing in their buckets full of yummies. We set ground rules that they are each allowed two eggs a day. Believe it or not they have adhered to it thus far without a fight.
We hope all of you reading this had a very blessed Easter and took time to reflect on the gift of Christs sacrifice He made for each of us.


Anonymous said...

It truly was a fun day - dad and I remember doing the egg hunt with Tyler and Paige when they were little in Tulsa and now to get to do it with your little ones was pretty special to us. The meal was good too - thanks!
Dad and I feel very blessed to live close enough to you and your family to enjoy all the little everyday things. We look forward to some weekend day trips to Deanna Rose, the arboretum, maybe the zoo and whatever else comes along. Love you all! Mom

Lisa said...

Your children are so cute!
After you edited the picture in Picasa, did you click "save to disk"? I forget to do that all the time, if you don't click it then it doesn't save the changes on the picture on your computer. Just thought I would ask :)
Love, Lisa

Rene' said...

I like the picture of Gabi & Dawson with their easter baskets! I STILL haven't done the egg hunt with my kids..haha..
Your mom's comment is so sweet! Your parents are the best! I'm glad you have them so close :).