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Monday, April 6, 2009


We braved the wind and took the kids to a near by park over the weekend. It was our 1st visit to this particular park and it was less than condusive to Gabrielle walking with a cast and a toddler braving the depths of the peat gravel.

We stayed long enough to enjoy a little swinging and to watch the majestic kites flying in the nearby field. These kite flyers were no amatuers!

Travis & I both love the expression & laughter that D exudes when we swing with him on our lap. I hope to capture a picture in the upcoming weeks of his mile wide smile while swinging.

Dawson wants to do all things just like his big sister. He voices his distaste in us trying to put him in the infant swing & proceeds to climb onto the swing. He is so independent! At times more than I am at grips with.

More posts to come ... I apologize in advance for mass posting, but I am so behind!


Mo said...

Wow, I didn't realize how far up Gabi's cast went. Give her a smooch and a hug for me.

Megan Adams said...

what cute family pics!