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Monday, January 4, 2010

1st Sleepover

I swore this day wouldn't come for years down the road, but I was caught in a weak moment. The kids and I had a playdate with one of Gabrielle's school classmates this past Monday in Lenexa. It was perfect for several reasons: It got us out of the house on a cold, blistery day, I didn't have to do any pick up after the playdate (all you moms know what I mean on that one), the kids are comparable in age - the girls just a few months apart and the boys are within a years age of one another, and the other mom and I formed a fast friendship that is fun and came with little effort. As I saw how beautifully the girls were playing together I began to wonder if Gabrielle was ready for an overnight with a friend. On one hand I knew/know I am not ready to have her sleep over at someone else's house, but on the other hand I was open to the idea of giving it a shot at our home. I can honestly say the "event" was a breeze and quite a fun time for all!

The trio watching a Barbie video before turning in for the night.

Delia and Gabrielle fast asleep.

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