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Saturday, January 16, 2010

!! 5 !!

Warning - photo overload!!
Our 1st born, our strong willed, free spirited, artistic girl celebrated her fifth birthday on new year's day. The week was filled with activities and celebrations. She invited a handful of her friends to open gym at Debbie Howard's the Wednesday before her bday. The kids had a fun time playing and challenging one another to the gym activities. Following open gym we gathered at a near by McDonald's for happy meals, cupcakes, ice cream and gift opening.

Tatum, Gabrielle, Kendyl, Kamryn & Delia
Across from the girls are the brothers (Brenn, Dawson & Xander) + Bella!
This gift definitely won the award for top favorite.
We weren't home five minutes before she retreated to her bedroom to tear into the box. She presented downstairs in full Sleeping Beauty garb. I love when she plays princess with her brother or friends. She lets her imagine run wild! The things she says tend to make me smile and often times laugh out loud.
This was a very special birthday because Gabrielle was able to celebrate and share cupcakes a 2nd time with her cousins from Alabama. My brother Derek and his family were traveling back south from Iowa and stayed a couple nights allowing for a small family party. She received an I spy Leapster game (she is wicked talented and a little obsessed with I Spy), an I Spy bingo game, Hello Kitty bath gel & an adorable cheerleader outfit from Mema and Papa and some art items and stickers from her cousins. She couldn't have been more pleased.

Mema let her choose a cake from Target. She really wanted the princess cake, but we think $40 is a little exuberant for a birthday cake, plus you had to preorder and we weren't that organized :0) Her second choice was an adorable puppy cupcake arrangement.
Digging into the deliciousness!
On her actual birthday we spent the morning at Monkey Bizness. I can say with honesty that it was such a fun outing. Travis and I got our work out keeping up with the kids. I like this fun photo Travis captured.

Gabi opened gifts from us after arriving home. Everything she received was princess themed ... a color yourself princess pillow case, The Princess & The Swan DVD, a princess spin toothbrush and toothpaste, Sleeping Beauty Barbie and horse, a Barbie princess dance mat (super cute and highly recommended for all princess lovers). Cousins Tyler and Paige got her the Pretty as a Princess board game. And the biggest hit of all ....
A princess snuggie! Those darn things are so ugly they are cute.
Can you see the excitement in her face? What a goof!
If you made it this far please leave a comment of a fond memory or favorite moment with Gabrielle from the past year. I would love to add it to her scrapbook.


Rene' said...

My favorite memories of Gabrielle are just the everyday moments that we take for the big hugs she gives me when I haven't seen her in a while. Rejoicing when she finally got her cast off and being proud when she was so brave getting it put on.
Gabrielle is one of the most intelligent little girls I know and I'm proud to say I get to watch her grow up into a big girl!
Love you gabs!
Your friends,
Rene, Evan & Tatum

Rene' said...

also, I am going to ask Tatum to tell me all the reason's she loves her bestie Gabs and type it in an email to you! We have so much more to write but when I put my first entry I was being bombarded by children!

Megan said...

She's so cute with all things princess!!! love the snuggie pic! Glad you guys had a great time celebrating #5 :)

Mo said...

I love the snuggie! You should check Audra's blog. There's a very similar picture of me in a snuggie.