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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Santa's Wonderland '09

We took a little trip to the North Pole {Bass Pro's Santa Wonderland} again this year. They have a great display and fun activities and crafts on the weekends for the kids.

Gabrielle striking a pose. This girl, I tell ya!
I do think this picture is very representative of her personality at this age.

A new "attraction" this year was the slot car racing. It was a hit with both Gabrielle and Dawson. They had the speed set at 30% and those suckers were going at a pretty good clip. I can only imagine how fast they must fly at 100%.

Dawson was anxious to get in on the shooting action. He was so darn cute aiming that gun. I vowed I would never have a gun (play or real) around when we had Dawson. I can see that having weapons of any kind is the inevitable with a boy in the house.

One thing that came as a real surprise to me was that Dawson wanted nothing to do with the big man in red. He is our fearless one so I was thrown back when he put the brakes on and started to cry as I was urging him to approach Santa. I was so thankful that my friend Holly happened to be just a few feet behind us in line. She snapped this photo for us. Notice - no smiles on Mr. D's face.
Maybe next year!!

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