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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Ear Piercing

After all the doings throughout the week, Gabrielle was pretty well worn out. She took a nice nap on Saturday afternoon with little prompting. After waking she quickly informed us she wanted to go to the mall to get her ears pierced. We had talked about getting them pierced when she turned four (I was four when I had mine pierced) but her Daddy educated her that it would hurt - darn him! so we waited it out another year. She was determined to get it done this year even with the knowledge that it would not be plesent at first. A big thanks to my cousin for descriptively telling her so just days before the piercing as well :0)

Ms. Shay got Gabrielle all prepped for piercing after Gabs painstakingly choose which earrings she wanted. Purple dots make for perfect placement of the "holes."

I threw this one in because I think you can read the anticipation in Gabrielle's eyes. She watched Shay's every move and carried on quite the conversation.

Shay and Molly approaching with the piercing guns.
Do you sense the hesitation in the way her finger is questioning what it was?

This is where I was sure it would all go south. Uh???!!!!
I know G was thinking "I'm not so sure about this anymore. Guns to my ears."
We had a discussion earlier in the week about triggers and examples of triggers. It was the perfect opportunity to revisit a triggers function. I explained that the piercing gun was going to act as a trigger and when Shay and Molly simutaniously pulled the trigger the earrings would be placed through the purple dots and into her earlobes.

So my cousin didn't lie! It did hurt, but the short lived pain was worth it in the end. Gabi was/is so proud of her pierced ears. She continues to be eager about showing everyone she knows.

Gabrielle and Dawson walking the halls of Macy's hand in hand.
Love it!


mema said...

Oh Chris - these pictures are priceless. I love them! She truly is proud of her pierced ears now. Can I say I do NOT like it that she is growing up so fast. I will miss it when she no longer wants to snuggle with her mema. Your children are just adorable - I believe it is okay for a proud grandma to say that!

Rene' said...

This is one of my favorite posts! Gabi is such a cutie..I love the picture of her looking in anticipation.

Tatum had one ear peirced at a time so I was sure she was going to walk around with one hole after the first piercing! But luckily we convinced her.

Megan said...

I love the picture progression of Gabi's facial expressions! You can tell how excited she is :) She looks very cute with her new pierced ears!