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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Daddy's Little Princess

Earlier this year Travis was encouraged by a mentor friend of his to begin the process of "dating" Gabrielle. They had a conversation about what this meant and would mean in years to come ... how it would establish grounds for how Gabrielle was to expect to be treated when she begins dating boys at the age of 20 :0)
Travis really has embraced the opportunity to date Gabrielle at least one night a month and to make that time away with her both meaningful and special. This month provided for another fun daddy/daughter date night. Our church hosted a Paris themed Father/Daughter dance this past Saturday night.

I have to admit I gushed a little when they walked down the stairs together. I think Travis looked so handsome and Gabrielle truly was in full on princess mode with her speech and mannerisms. It was too cute!
Gabrielle and I had fun shopping for a dress for her as well as a shirt and tie for Daddy. We ended up with two options for both of them and this was ultimately Gabrielle's end choice. It had a LOT to do with the fact that this dress met her expectations when she would twirl! A GREAT (probably my favorite) Leawood garage sale find of the year. We purchased four ties for Daddy and let him decide amongst them - two conservative and two ... well PINK of course. I was sooooo happy with his choice!

This picture definitely captures Gabi's affection for her daddy.
Travis participated in a benefit golf tournament Saturday and didn't arrive home until 7PM - hence the sunburned cheeks. Gabrielle was ready and awaiting her prince as he entered the door. She ran to the top of the steps and said oh so sweetly "Daddy, your princess is upstairs all ready for her prince!"

Ms. G insisted on stopping to see Papa and Mema on her way to the dance.
She arrived home very excited about a little trinket of the Eiffel Tower (she studied France quite a bit in school this past year) she received as well and raving about her "new favorite cheese!" I wish the Mr would have been better about capturing some pics of her cutting it up on the dance floor with her friends. If anyone has pics to share, please shoot them my way.

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Jami Nato said...

oh my gosh. that is the cutest. can't wait till lila gets older!