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Thursday, June 10, 2010

A Day at the K

We have some amazing friends who generously gift us their season tickets to one or two Royals games each season ... did I mention their seats are awesome? They are just to the right of the Stadium Club with complete sun cover directly behind 3rd base. We generally try to attend the Royals versus the Detroit Tigers during one of the series. This past Sunday happened to be the rotation that my distant cousin Jeremy pitched for the Tigers. He actually had a pretty lousy game, but it was fun to watch him none the less.

The kids could not have been more better behaved. They were really good troopers considering Dawson only napped 15 minutes of the drive there and it was a pretty hot day.

We took a short break after the 3rd or 4th inning to treat the kids to a little time at the Kids Zone. Travis watched the kids as they played in the play area while I visited with a friend for a couple of minutes. Apparently that is all the longer it takes to lose one child. Yep, a moment of fright as he couldn't find Gabrielle. The Kids Zone is heavily staffed and they promptly returned her to her fretting Daddy. After recouping, we braved what seemed like an endless line for the marry go round that actually moved right along very quickly. We cooled off a bit near the water area before heading back to watch the rest of the game.
Following the game the kids wanted to stay for the Fun Run (where an insane amount of families wait in line to run the bases). We were one of about three smart families who sat in the shade until the line was complete and then entered the field to get in on the action. Dawson lived for this moment! His only regret was not getting to "hit the ball to Daddy." The day was made complete with an awesome performance by Jeremy Camp. I was a big fan before seeing him live, but after hearing a piece of his testimony I am now an even bigger fan.

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Jami Nato said...

there's nothing like a royal's game in the summer! great memories for your kiddos.