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Monday, June 14, 2010

Sweet Treat = Loose Tooth

My parents arrived home last night after an extended weekend in Iowa at a dear family friends wedding. They stopped by here to pick up their dog which we were puppy sitting. We all happened to be outside working in the front yard - well truth be told Travis was doing all the work while I kept watch on the kids running amuck. The short of the story here is they brought the kids a rock pop lollipop (not sure what it is called, but it looks like crystals stacked on a long stick). Both my kids have their Mommy's sweet tooth so they wasted no time at all tearing into it. We were saying goodbye to my parents and I guess Gabrielle got a little over zealous with her sucker and bit down on it and the next thing you know she is pushing her lower tooth forward with her tongue. What? My baby is just shy of 5 1/2 which is too soon for her to be loosing her 1st tooth. The funny thing is is that it really upset Gabi. She began crying and asking all sorts of questions about would the tooth fairy come, would her tooth fall out today, would it hurt, would her friends make fun of her or call her names (ugh! I hate that she even associates loosing a tooth with the prospect of getting ridiculed my others), and so on. She refused to eat supper in fear of it hurting or causing her tooth to come out and then was concerned that somehow swimming at the pool was going to be the cause of it coming out. Silly girl! Well, today is a new day. She said at breakfast this morning that she was excited to show her friends her loose tooth. My hope is that it does indeed fall out before the roots start to die and her tooth begins discoloring. Stay tuned for her 1st toothless smile candid shot to come!

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