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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Kicking Myself

Do you ever have something occur that is a little difficult to swallow or get past? I had one of those moments today! After researching online the requirements for donating to Locks of Love, I had convinced myself that I would not meet the minimum requirement of a 10 inch ponytail. With that said I went to my scheduled appointment and within short order my hair was being cut to a just above the shoulder length. After about 90 seconds of cutting my stylist says nonchalantly "wow, I just cut AT LEAST 10 inches off already (and that was BEFORE she cut another almost 3 inches)" I caught my breath which signaled her I had something on my mind. I told her how my hope was was to donate to Locks of Love however had reservation about the length. Unfortunately at this point it was too late. She felt terrible and responded by stating she hadn't even thought about it. I am a little heart sick right now - something I can and will soon be over. It would have just meant a lot to me to know my hair was being put to a great use/cause rather than being swept up and placed into the trash.
Hubby to the rescue ... he just phoned and is picking up Pei Wei on his way home. Love that man! It is funny how the thought of good eats can change ones mood :)

1 comment:

Jami Nato said...

oh man...that sucks!

and also, wow...your music surprised me. look at you!