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Monday, August 15, 2011

1st Grade

Today was the beginning of a new school year for the Olathe School District and for our 1st grader, Gabrielle. I was surprised I actually had to wake her this morning to get ready. Unlike other days her eyes popped right open and she sprung out of bed with enthusiasm. She was eager to wear her fun new outfit GG bought her and to show off her new hair cut and tinsel additions (apparently it is an up and coming fade much like the feather "extensions"). I think she looked adorable for her first day!

What she is most excited about in this school year:
Reacquainting with old friends
Making new friends
The fact that she has a "boy" teacher -Mr. Herrig
She gets to eat school lunches (praying this leads to an expanded pallet for her)
and most of all ...
They get TWO recesses in 1st grade!

This will definitely be a time of transition within our family as we aren't used to her being gone all day (8:10am - 4ish). I fear Dawson will be lost without her as she is his very favorite playmate. And truth be told, I won't know what to do with my uninterrupted afternoons when both "little" kids are napping. I have high hopes of reading a good book or two and spending some time working on McKenna's first year album along with the other must do "to do" lists.
Time will tell!

Ms. Sassy pants,
Here is to wishing you the best time ever in the 1st grade.
We love you,
Daddy, Mommy, D & McKenna Jane


GG in Spfld. MO said...

Gabi looks so grown up and cute. It seems impossible that she is in the 1st grade. They grow up too fast. It will be an adjustment for Dawson, since they are so close. Even I felt emotions run high. Love, GG

Chelsea said...

She is just RIDICULOUSLY cute. Seriously. You make pretty babies. :)