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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Yearning

Yearning as defined by - noun, a deep longing, especially when accompanied by tenderness or sadness.
Over the course of the past six months or so we have developed a friendship with this dear elderly man at our church. He will soon celebrate his 80th year of life (09/16).

I can't explain what I feel when I see him each Sunday. The best way to define it is a yearning. I see him as a grandfather figure. Not to my children, as much as to ME. I lost both my grandfathers at an early age in life. I was a mere seven years old when my maternal g'pa passed away and 15 1/2 when my paternal g'pa passed. I have always had a very tender place in my heart for the elderly. It could very well have to do with the fact that my mom worked at the local nursing home for 20+ years. Or that I myself worked there throughout high school. Or that my maternal great grandmother and paternal grandfather spent their last years in a care center. Needless to say, I spent many many hours around the "old." Anyhow, we make it a point to sit next to Joe each week. He lights up when holding our babe which in turn makes me light up. I love learning a little more of his life's story each passing week. I wanted to take the opportunity to snap a couple of pictures (on my phone) of Mr. E holding our sweet McKenna Jane so I can always remember this time.

If you are of the praying type I would ask that you keep Mr. E lifted up in prayer. He has been dealing with bad pneumonia as well as enduring ongoing chemotherapy maintenance. I want him to experience complete healing so he will be around a long time to come to love on my family and for us to love on him in return.

Tender. Why, yes!


GG in Spfld, MO said...

That was such a tender moment with the elderly gentleman holding McKenna. I will pray for him, Mr. E. -Dallas missed so much.- And I thought I was the oldest person at your church--Love, GG

Chelsea said...

Aw, what a sweet man. I've never met him! Will definitely lift him in prayer!