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Thursday, August 4, 2011

6 Months Old

This post is coming a little late, but better late than never.
Our little miss is now SIX months old.
A little hard for me to grasp. OK, a lot hard for me to grasp.
I want to capture time in a bottle and keep her my last born babe forEVER.
I say that, however with each new milestone I grow more eager and excited for the next.

This past month
* I finally ordered and received your birth certificate
{let it be known your mommy is a professional procrastinator}
* You have taken a real interest in your toys - reaching for them, chewing on them, exchanging them between your hands
* GG, Aunt Shari, Uncle Derek, Aunt Teri, Dylan, Logan & Connor all paid a visit
We learned you will welcome a new baby boy cousin in late October
* You first began to sit up solo at 6 months, 4 days and had the art of sitting up perfected a few short days later
* Your preferred method of "transportation" hasn't changed. You scoot yourself in circles or across the room on your back, pushing with your feet
* You HATE (I simply can't emphasize the word hate enough) baby food. You want NOTHING to do with it. This includes cereal, fruits and vegetables.
* You have proven yourself a lover of the water. We have spent ample time at our neighborhood pool and have taken family outings to Splash Cove and Black Bob Bay water parks
* Your babbling is sweet music to our ears
And we still get lost in these baby blues!

Stats: 15 lbs 25th percentile, 25 1/2 inches 50th percentile, 16 3/4 HC 50th percentile
Diaper size - 2
Clothing 3-6 months

Thank you for being our daily dose of sunshine, our source of many smiles and laughs and for bringing us to a whole new level of loving within a family.


Valerie said...


Jami Nato said...

ok, i was just thinking about penelopes birth certificate last night. i need to do that. LOL

GG in Spfd. said...

McKenna is just a doll, sitting there alone!! Thanks for the update.