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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Miracles CAN Happen

Several miracles took place today in the Hicks household. They have left an impression so much on this momma that I had to take a brief moment to document them for memories sake.
1st and most importantly - Gabrielle had a happy plate at supper this evening. She sat down with us at dinner, didn't say one word about how she didn't like what we were having and begin whining for a different option. She sat down and promptly dug right in, clearing her plate in a matter of moments. WHAT? Yep. That's exactly our response. Here is the real kicker. It contained meat AND beans AND tomatoes. Double what? She is a self professed vegetarian so this was monumental! Thank-you Rene VonMonster for the enchilada bake that our oh so stubborn, picky eater divulged in this evening. There is a VERY high probability that she will never touch it again and I'm OK with that.
2nd and almost as important as the above mentioned - Dawson finished his supper this evening at 8:30. Yes, you read that right. 8:30. He is normally our good eater but the past couple of weeks have been murder at meal time. So tonight when he watched his sister chowing down on some Ittibitz and I firmly told him he could enjoy his own cup WHEN HE HAD FINISHED HIS SUPPER he dug his heels in. This momma stood her ground and 30+ minutes later he was choking down his now cold supper.
Momma - 1
Stubborn D man - 0
And lastly {and also not so important} - I have intentionally scheduled "ME time" from 8:30 - 10pm this evening. This also NEVER happens. Our regular routine around this household is to tuck the kiddos in and have "down time" watching the TV, reading the paper, etc. Tonight Daddy is putting the kids to bed and I am reading a little of my current Bible study, eating far too many brownie bites, typing up this here little blog post & catching up with a friend via the phone.
That's all. Just wanted to document it as it is a miracle for reals around here!

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Chelsea said...

Aw, I hope you enjoyed your me time! It's oh-so-necessary and you should schedule more. :)