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Monday, April 30, 2012


Friday night the 20th Gabrielle had the opportunity to have a very fun night out with a special teen from our church. Courtney picked up Gabrielle and their evening began with dinner at their favorite restaurant, Pei Wei. Courtney told us that Gabi ate every bite of her meal and proceeded to then eat off of Courtney's plate as well. Girlfriend can throw down some food when she puts her mind to it. After supper they attended the Kansas City Christian School's ACT One (Academy of Christian Theatre) performance of Cinderella where another fellow church teen played the part of one of the wicked step sisters.
Amanda (pictured below) assists her parents, Larry & Shelle, in teaching Gabrielle's class at church on Sunday mornings. Gabi was thrilled when Amanda extended the invitation to see her perform in the play.
Courtney spoiled Gabi by stopping for milkshakes at Winsteads before delivering her home for the night. 
Gabrielle had such a terrific time and is already looking forward to the next time she gets a girls night out.


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you got these great pictures - someday Gab will have an album of wonderful memories. She looks beautiful too! Mom

GiGi in Springfield said...

What a wonderful opportunity for Gabi to have some fun!! She is growing up fast. Beautiful girl.