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Saturday, April 21, 2012


After Easter brunch Papa & Mema urged us to take advantage of the beautiful weather. We decided to go to our "happy place" the Overland Park Arboretum.
We enjoyed strolling the paths and seeing all the beautiful plants & flowers in full bloom.
When we crossed the bridge we were met by a lot of BIG gold fish (as you called them). They were happy to stay close by and perform a little swimming number for you. There were also quite a few turtles in sight. One large one in particular that kept peeking his head out of the water near the fish.
Taking a quick break to rest your feet and squint into the sun for a fast photo.
Baby girl didn't get a nap but that didn't stop her from staying chipper. She kicked back in the stroller with her leg flung over the tray for a good part of the time. We all giggled that Mommy had grabbed last years sun hat {which was way too small}. McKenna left it on the whole time perched atop her head.
We took a nice long walk on one of the nature trails before leaving. If we could do it again we would have skipped the walk. The mosquitoes were out by the hundreds and apparently we all tasted good to them because they feasted on us. We'll be sure to pack bug spray before our next visit for sure!
Why can't you two always be this stinking cute with one another?
We stopped to rest one final time before loading up in the van. We are so thankful that Mema is slowly regaining her energy and is able to spend more time with us again. This is our favorite time of year to do fun outings with P & M when Daddy is working or golfing on the weekends. Mema is going to be upset with Mommy for posting this picture without her wig on, but we all love her just as she is. White hair and all!
Just a handful of the beautiful flowers we saw on Easter.

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