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Friday, April 13, 2012

Embrace the Camera: April 12, 2012

Here I am once again beating myself up for being intentional about taking photos to preserve memories only to upload them and find I had the focus and/or lighting all wrong. I don't really think it matters to my munchkins whether the picture is crisp or not so it shouldn't matter to me either, right?
The kids love their Daddy. 
Love. Him.
He is so good about letting them climb all over him and just be kids. He is also very good about sitting down with them to watch a show or movie (I on the other hand am not, I busy myself with other things). So recently when they were all snuggled up on the couch together I grabbed the ole' camera and snapped a few pictures.
 Travis has been working some late night shifts at work so the kids (particularly Gabi) treasure their time home with him. I will often find her cuddled up with her Daddy on the couch or in our bed.

1 comment:

emily anderson said...

i think the pictures are great...regardless of a blurry one here or there.
some of my favorite photos have been blurry! and i think it kind of adds to it...

glad you joined us, christine!