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Friday, April 20, 2012

Easter 2012

We spent Saturday morning prior to Easter dyeing eggs with Mema. In keeping honest, you kids took a lot of the joy out of it. Next year we'll do things a little differently and have two sets of dye cups and have you sit opposite of each other allowing you to do your own thing.
I suppose you can't tell you had been spatting with one another by the looks of this picture. I swear you go from one extreme to the other in .2 seconds flat and right back.
Dawson showing off the start of one of his camouflage egg creations.
Easter Sunday we attended early service at church without Daddy. He had to work :(
After church we had a yummy brunch with Papa, Mema, Uncle Brett, Aunt Linda, Paige & the current favorite family member, Leo.
Aunt Linda spoiled you with unexpected gift bags which included bubbles, fun dips & the coolest gummy meal platter. She's always so good to you! Papa & Mema gave you each a special gift. Gabrielle, you received a 3 pack design your own t-shirt kit for your American Girl dolls and Dawson, you received a LEGO set. Daddy and Mommy changed things up when it came to Easter baskets as well. This year you each received 14 plastic eggs. 10 filled with coupons good for things such as ice cream, extended bedtime, a movie of your choice, dinner of your choice, get out of doing a chore for a week, play a game of your choice, a special date night with just Daddy & Mommy, etc. and the remaining 4 eggs contained change. We also included a pack of gum, a bubble wand and cookies & cream milk straws. We sat down at the dinner table Easter night and talked about what Easter means to you and the importance of remembering the gift that we were given through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. It was pretty endearing hearing you each share what Easter meant to you at age 7 & 4.
Boo, I'm pretty sure you are as about as cute as little boys come! For the record, I was so thrilled that you cooperated by wearing a button up shirt and khaki shorts for Easter. You have such a mind of your own when it comes to dressing {and redressing & often times redressing yet again all in a days time}.
And Little Miss, you looked sweet as could be in your big sister's dedication dress that I had tucked away in the closet. It was also a gift from Aunt Linda six years ago when Gabrielle was just a babe herself. 
More of our Easter Sunday to come. 

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